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Background & Key Strengths

mark johnstonIntegral Office in Fermanagh is owned and managed by Mark Johnston, a Chartered Management Accountant with extensive experience across a range of industry sectors including manufacturing, construction, food and retail.

Mark has a track record of improving business systems to facilitate decision making and drive profitability.  His key strengths include identifying and removing costs, streamlining management information flow, improving inter-departmental collaboration and embracing change.

For almost 20 years in his professional career, Mark has fulfilled various roles in Finance and HR, and has gained an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental requirements for successful teams and businesses to survive and thrive.

In each role, Mark has made a positive impact through making sense of the numbers, developing relationships, and providing relevant, timely information to decision makers to help drive change and improve business performance.

Our Values

We value honesty and integrity

We value service and quality.

We challenge the norm, we embrace change and development.

We strive for shared success with our clients.

Our Philosophy

We want to build relationships with our clients that go beyond the traditional accounting approach.

We want to become the ‘go-to’ business partner for all our clients’ back office needs, and offer a fully scalable service.


Our Mission

We want to help small and medium sized businesses avail of the skills, information, resources and technologies normally only afforded to large companies.

We want to give people the skills and knowledge to fulfil their potential, both on a personal level and for the benefit of their employer.