bookkeeping Fermanagh

Keeping your records up-to-date, filed and organised through Bookkeeping can be an onerous task but the benefits in doing so are worth it. Keeping your bank accounts ‘clean’, not having to go hunting for paperwork at year-end, and knowing your financial position at any given time will make your life easier and more importantly, help you run your business better.

At Integral, we can be as involved as you want – our bookkeeping service is entirely flexible and scalable:
  • You can hand over your whole paperwork on a weekly/monthly basis and we’ll maintain your records.
  • Or we can set you up with systems and provide guidance on how to record your transactions.

Our preferred software solution is Xero – a cloud-based system which allows us to securely access your data remotely and help with any queries you may have or review your records. However, if you would prefer to use Sage or any other package we are happy to work with you.

With up-to-date accounting records including bank reconciliations, you will always know who owes you money or who you owe money to, allowing you to manage your cash-flow which is vital for any size of business.

We can also complete your VAT Returns. We can register as your agent and submit your VAT returns on your behalf, and you can have the assurance that they are completed correctly and on time by qualified professionals.

Management Accounting Services

Integral offer a fully scalable freelance service – you just pay for what you need to suit your business.  The service can be available a few days per month or quarter, a couple of hours per week, or even for a one-off project to help you put appropriate systems in place.  You may also see the benefit of the management input on a regular basis and, possibly combined with some of our other services, may use Integral as your ‘go-to’ business partner.