How Integral and XERO can prepare your business for working from home

A recent article in the Economist asked the question: “Is working from home really the new normal?” There is no doubt that for some people in certain industries their relationship with work has changed.

For some companies in the pandemic, worlds were changed for ever and for others the only thing changed was the working location from office to home.

Working from home is on the increase

In the USA the number of people working from home over that 10 week period went from 1-in-50 to a little over 1-in-3.

That’s a seismic shift in behaviour and attitude but what about the practicalities for those making the transition from office to working from home. For some the big challenge is finding the space at home, for others it is the distraction with children and other family members.

Or the good weather.

If you are working in administration or in the accounts department working from home can bring different challenges and complexities.

The restrictions imposed on small businesses across Northern Ireland over the last 10 weeks were necessary. As lockdown proved to be a successful tactic against Covid-19 it was also an impediment for many of those businesses across Fermanagh and Tyrone, preventing workers from returning to their offices in their efforts to keep business continuity and in particular cashflow and invoicing.

How efficient and practical is working from home if you’re waiting on your bank to post out your bank statements? What if you needed to check invoices, chase up debt and all that information was filed in the office?

Embrace cloud accounting for your business

To make working from home a feasible option for your business there are a number of practical steps that you can take and arguably the most important one is to embrace the cloud.

Integral has long been an advocate of flexible working and a promoter of cloud services – we work with a number of businesses in the Fermanagh, Tyrone and mid-Ulster areas that were able to make the transition 10 weeks ago seamlessly and without pain – for both staff and customers – all down to the fact that their business was fully integrated with their accounts via the cloud.

Why you should consider XERO 

XERO is our cloud-based accounting partner of choice.

Globally recognised as a pioneer in cloud accounting software, using XERO means that you can access your accounts via any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) – all you need is an internet connection (Right now Northern Ireland has one of the best broadband infrastructures in the UK.)

Additionally it’s safe, scalable, cost effective and easy to use and importantly it can offer your business protection even through the most challenging of times.

If you have any questions about cloud accounting, XER0 or would like to talk more in depth about the value we may be able to offer your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch call 028 6772 3269 or email mark@integralaccounting.co.uk

Why you should consider Integral?

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